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What does Karyn put before all other things in her life?
Karyn puts her family (namely her mother, Manuela, and half-brother, Trentyn) before all other things in her life. Though her relationship with her father is virtually nonexistent (she receives a birthday card from him almost every year, but has never met him in person), her close relationships with Manuela and Trentyn have provided the basis for what she believes family should be, and she wouldn't trade their love and support for anything. They are, without doubt, the only people in the world for whom Karyn would kill and be killed, no questions asked.

How does Karyn exhibit lust?
Karyn exhibits lust by flirting and sleeping with any willing participant she deems fit to be her bedfellow — and doing so shamelessly. Some may (and do) say that such behavior is unbecoming of a young woman, but Karyn sees herself as a sexually liberated individual, and doesn't understand why people are so uptight about something that should be personal to her. Having been called a slut on many occasions, not only for her promiscuity but for her provocative manner of dress, Karyn hates being judged based solely on her sexual appetite, and will go on ad nauseum about the double standard modern society perpetuates with regard to promiscuous men versus promiscuous women. Karyn is firm in her belief that she should be able to "fuck like a man" without being labeled a slut, but even being labeled as such hasn't been much of a deterrent for her. So, she likes sex. Sue her.

Does Karyn want to get married and have children?
Yes. Karyn is, despite her wild nature, a hopeless romantic at heart, and does hope to settle down after she gains some more life experience and meets the right person. Because her parents were never married, she has always been attracted to the white picket fence life and feels as though she could be perfectly happy coming home to a nice husband, 2.5 kids, and a dog at the end of the day. She may or may not have a dream wedding board on Pinterest.

How hard does Karyn work? How does she feel about her job?
Because Manuela (who raised two children on her own while working several jobs to make ends meet) has been Karyn's most influential female role model throughout her life, Karyn has learned what it means to be diligent and is herself a very hard worker. As a high school senior, she was awarded a full-ride scholarship to the University of Denver for her academic achievements, and she has continued to excel academically in a college setting. Now a sophomore at DU, Karyn dedicates as much of her free time to studying as is required to maintain her 3.5 grade point average, and always puts forth her best effort on exams and written assignments. Having declared a major in Psychology (and a minor in Art) during her freshman year, Karyn is passionate about the subject matter she is studying and hopes to use the knowledge she acquires to pursue a career in child psychology. She shows a similar level of enthusiasm for the part-time work she does as a bridal consultant at Little White Dress, which she uses as an outlet for her excess creative energy. Her interest in fashion and her inclination to help people, as well as her friendship with Busy Frye, have enabled her to thrive at LWD and she has no intention of giving it up anytime soon.

How much debt does Karyn have over her head?
With the exception of some nominal credit card debt, Karyn is essentially debt-free, but because her financial security is dependent upon her not losing her scholarship (which she could, if her GPA slipped below a 3.0), she hasn't been able to sleep as soundly as she'd like. Coming from a family of limited means, she knows she has everything to lose and nothing to gain from allowing herself to be complacent, so she keeps herself on her toes by indulging her neuroses and being frugal. She is guilty of splurging on designer fashion and high-end cosmetics every now and then, however; no matter how rooted she is in the reality of her situation, she just can't resist a nice Chanel.

What is Karyn's dorm room like?
Though she is slated to move into an Asbury Green student apartment with Jess Chisolm shortly after Christmas, Karyn currently lives in a dorm room at DU with a roommate who thinks she's a hot mess. Her side of the room suits her personality in that it has a kind of "disorganized organization" only she can make sense of, and if her roommate were to describe it, she'd probably say it looks something like a ransacked Forever 21 store. Her bed is never made, her clothing is strewn all over the place, and her desk is littered with graded assignments and outdated flash cards. She may keep her living space free of dirt, but the clutter is enough to make it as much of a mess as she is.
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