dramatis personae
first victims

karyn valdez
Former singer who lost her voice after an undisclosed illness treated by CONOR. Speaks in riddles only her twin sister, RESHIL, can understand and performs tarot readings in her backyard. Weird.

reshil geronimo
Stuff here.

The murders of Karyn and Reshil at the outset of the party are what set the whodunit in motion. Both women are found disemboweled in SUITE 218. Watch your step.

group a If the murderer is not identified by TIME, GROUP A will die by disemboweling.

chelsie nakamura
Close friend of CONOR's who also happens to be a former patient. Social butterfly with a whimsical personality.

maritza lopez
Textile worker and unwed mother. Feels indebted to CONOR and ORION for providing medical care to her child at no cost to her. Well-mannered and softspoken.

group b If the murderer is not identified by TIME, GROUP B will die by disemboweling.

lennox carvahlo
Prominent figure in the automotive industry looking to make a charitable donation to the hospital. DEXTER's brother. PRESTON's client. Boisterous and oblivious, but seemingly well-intentioned.

preston james
Banker. Works closely with LENNOX and is attending the dinner party to help him make a financial decision. Known for being firm and no-nonsense.

group c If the murderer is not identified by TIME, GROUP C will die by disemboweling.

andrew croft
Surgeon at the hospital who harbors resentment toward CONOR for his accomplishments. Skilled but not extraordinarily gifted.

mads corcoran
Steel worker. Was involved in an accident that resulted in the amputation of his hand by CONOR. Loves to make people uncomfortable by recounting the accident in excruciating detail.

group d If the murderer is not identified by TIME, GROUP D will die by disemboweling.

alexandro satterfield
Hospital board member and a friend of CONOR's. Awkward and quiet. Walks with a cane as a result of a leg injury sustained in World War I.

tyler rexing
Nurse and women's rights advocate. Works closely with CONOR and ISABELLI. Passionate about her work and resentful of those who think she isn't as capable as her male peers.

group e If the murderer is not identified by TIME, GROUP E will die by disemboweling.

dexter carvahlo
Realtor and CONOR's close friend. Sold him the "house" where the party is taking place and is hoping to make clients out of the other party guests. Extremely chatty. Also LENNOX's brother.

dylan marshall
Close friend and former classmate of CONOR's from medical school. Often flustered in social situations and mumbles under his breath.

group f If the murderer is not identified by TIME, GROUP F will die by disemboweling.

annabelle martelli
CONOR's younger sister. Quiet. Has an aura of mysteriousness that is intriguing to some and disconcerting to others. Wears a monocle.

orion hart
Doctor. CONOR's best friend and fellow doctor who specializes in pediatric care. Known for his professionalism and bedside manner. A favorite amongst the party guests.

group whodunit One of these people has some splainin' to do...

conor bobienski
Esteemed surgeon and host of the party. Recently received an award for his medical achievements, but insists that he would be nothing without the help and support of his fellow hospital staff and the board of directors. Selfless and sweet.

isabelli dimartino
CONOR's go-to nurse who is almost always by his side. Some suspect they have a 'personal' relationship as well as a professional one, but she's strictly business and does what she can to keep him in line. Also works closely with TYLER.

the who's who of karyn and reshil's murder mystery